ASW Genius AS-1 Powered Subwoofer

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Genius 300, UHF-Magazine / Canada

"These handsome speakers have plenty of talent. Given the right positioning in the right room, they will seem like a bargain, and they may be just what you have been searching for"


Testreport Genius 100 Stereophile / USA

I was very pleased with all of the listening time I spent with the ASW Genius 100. When not pushed too hard, this loudspeaker was a detailed, neutral,dynamic-sounding performer that breathed like live music over a wide range of program material. Moreover, it’s attractive and a good value.


Genius 400, Audiophilia / Canada

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Genius 400 Testreport in Canada

Excellent testresult for the topspeaker of our Genius-Line. The people of the canadian high-end magazine " UHF Magazine " were impressed of the good quality of the ASW Genius 400 !


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