Thulinn Bose 901 Concerto Speakers and Equalizer

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1,799.00 / pair(s)
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I offer you a perfectly restored pair of BOSE 901 speakers as shown on the picture above. The 18 BOSE HVC drivers of this set have been equipped with my specially designed Thulinn surrounds. The high quality speaker restoration process includes membrane coating, damping of driver housings, proper reinstallation of drivers, 2-way speaker checkup (single driver and complete spaker) and soundproofing of casing. The sound of Thulinn BOSE 901 speakers is truly improved. The surfaces of the speakers have been refurbished. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I will ship worldwide.

List of parts: 2 pieces Thulinn BOSE 901 speakers, 1 pair of speaker cables, one
Equalizer with cables and manual.

Other items such as the stands on the pictures are not included in this offer.


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