Greetje Kauffeld and Band - THE WAY YOU LOOK TONIGHT

Greetje Kauffeld and Band - THE WAY YOU LOOK TONIGHT

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Premium High End Mastering einer Session von 1979.


STS digital CD Audio 6111151

In a STS recording, you will find:

  • 1. The warm sound, that acoustic instruments posess on their own, but is often not captured by sound-technicians.
  • 2. Acoustic placing and recognition of the musicians in the recording space.
  • 3. Phase purity of a recording, both the electric phase (good cable/fibre connections etc), and the acoustic phase must be acquired through proper placing of the microphones.
  • 4. Symmetry in the recording; this means always placing the microphones in such a way that on both the left and the right side there’s an equal division of signal, and not placing mono suport microphones on the extreme left and right.
  • 5. Transparency and clarity in a recording. This does not mean an overly sharp recording, but one of softness in tone and clarity, in which especially the 3-dimensional recording-space is being displayed.

1. Morenal

2. So many stars

3. They can’t take that away from me

4. It might as well be spring

5. I get along without you very well

6. The Shadow of your smile

7. Tenderly

8. Smile

9. Nice ‘n’ easy

10. It had to be you

11. All the things you are

12. I wish you love

13. Fly me to the moon

14. Route ’66

15. I’m gonna sit right down and write myself a letter

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